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Hardanger Fiddle

Posted on Jan 25, 2018 by in Patterns |



Name: Hardanger Fiddle

Item #: CP0702

Retail Price: $8

Finished Size: 6½ ” x 12”





This technically depicts a fiddle in Hardanger rather than a Hardanger fiddle, as a Hardanger fiddle has 8 strings and thus 8 tuning pegs. My father, who is an old-time fiddler of Norwegian stock, told me that he does not like the sound of the Hardanger fiddle; he surmises that the inlay on the soundboard compromises the vibration of the wood. He said, “I wouldn’t have a Hardanger fiddle!” So I was determined to make a Hardanger fiddle that he would like. This is the result (and he liked it!). This was designed as a wall hanging, but could also be made into a pillow. The instructions assume that you know the basics of Hardanger embroidery, so do not include instructions for basic stitches.