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My Wildflower Garden

Posted on Jan 26, 2018 by in Patterns |


Name: My Wildflower Garden

Item #: CP1701

Retail Price: $20

Finished Size: 5½” x 4½”




In a frame of Modified Klosters are woven coneflowers, marigolds, harebells, violets and a butterfly. Because you will often find mushrooms where wildflowers bloom, I added a couple of mushrooms.

This is Hardanger “rocket science”.   You will need to bury multiple colored thread ends behind woven bars and hold the threads out of the way, skip bars that make up flower components (they can’t be successfully wrapped if already woven) and change threads for weaving bars before running low of a weaving thread as you encounter flowers.  So this piece is appropriate for the intermediate to advanced stitcher.

Because you use so little of each color, the chart pack includes the colored Finca threads needed to stitch the flowers.