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Nativity Tree Skirt

Posted on Jan 26, 2018 by in Patterns |


Name: Nativity Tree Skirt

Item #: CP1201

Retail Price: $25

Finished Size: 42-44” diameter




A Christmas tree skirt features the nativity scene with a star at the top, the crèche scene in the center, three wisemen to the left and three shepherds with their sheep to the right. The bottom of the model is hemmed with drapery trim, and a blue felt underskirt provides structure to the skirt. The motifs are outlined with Hardanger stitches and filled with various pulled thread stitches. There is no open work. The only cutting typical of Hardanger embroidery is the center outline. The individual motifs are also suitable for wall hangings or self-standing cubes (as illustrated on the front), so instructions include this application. This piece is suitable for the intermediate to advanced stitcher, so detailed instructions for the surface Hardanger stitches (Kloster, Kloster Bar and Satin Stitch) are excluded.